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Garron's philosophy has been to contribute to society through the manufacture and supply of organic beauty products & health care products. We are proud that, today, our company offers more than 40 quality products on a global basis.

About Garron

Our manufacturing hub and research laboratories in India employ more than 100 people. In the belief that chemistry is key to humanity, and to help open the door to a bright future, we constantly seek to improve our technology and skill. Our aim is always to provide a growing and valuable range of research products and to reach ever higher levels of quality, and customer service. In India, people are always good by heart and they just need to be good by look and feel. And being the Indian manufacturer we understand the emotions of the consumers.

We are new in the market, but being the authentic chemist, we understand the market from eras. And most importantly, we know the emotional need of the consumers. In result, we are coming with a bang while proudly saying, we are the only “ Made in India” company. Lets join us and have a nice association ahead with the Initiative by Garron called,here.